Monday, December 20, 2010

Swagbucks: Earn 60 swagbucks for joining!!

swagbucks I have tried and tried to convince you to join and use swagbucks! :)  If you haven’t yet, I hope this post will be the final motivation you need.

I waited a while before joining the swagbucks bandwagon too.  But once I did and saw how quick the “bucks” added to my account, and then redeemed for my first Amazon giftcard, I WAS HOOKED

I joined about a year and half ago and was able to buy quite a few Christmas gifts last year with Amazon cards I had earned for FREE with swagbucks (and even got them shipped for FREE using Amazon prime!)

This year, I decided to redeem my swagbucks each month for Amazon giftcards (450 swagbucks get you a $5 Amazon gc and you can order up to 5 each month) and save them up for Christmas shopping.  My husband and I decided to get a new camera (a Nikon DSLR to be exact!) for Christmas as “our Christmas present” and were so excited when we realized we could pay for almost HALF OF IT with Amazon giftcards from swagbucks!!  That’s right we had earned a couple hundred dollars of Amazon giftcards just from searching the internet, doing the daily polls, and referring friends to swagbucks!

So I promise you this is WORTH IT!  I have the swagbucks toolbar installed and just do all my searches using it (taking no extra time at all!) 

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!  New members usually only get 30 bucks for signing up.  BUT from now until the end of the year if you sign up using THIS LINK and enter code JoinIn2010, you will get 60 swagbucks added to your account!

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