Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Décor on a Dime: ♪♫ Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… ♪♫

I found the last few years Christmas pictures so thought I would share with you the changes I have made. I love to see how my style and décor “know-how” has changed over time.

Christmas 2008

Here is how I have done my Christmas mantel pretty much every year until this year. I love the draped greenery too and might go back to that in future years.  I have actually seen a mantel down with draped greenery/ribbon AND greenery on the mantel too – hmmm… maybe next year! :)


Not much has changed about the tree.  We bought this tree our first Christmas on after Christmas clearance at Sears and I love it!  It was a $400 tree marked down to $60!  Christmas 2008 was the first year I changed the tree adding the sprays of berries and twirly stick stuff and using more matching ornaments.

The thing that has changed each year is more and more of the prelit lights stop working!! (which is why you see the unlit section that burned out during Christmas that year and I didn’t want to undecorate that portion of the tree just to add lights) Grrrr…!!  I think this year only about 1 foot of the tree has prelit lights that ACTUALLY work.  This happen to anyone else? 



Christmas 2009

100_2840Not much difference except my window mistreatment fail that I never could get to look right.  But at least we had something on the windows in 2009! :)  and I didn’t do the ribbon on the tree that I did in 2008

Then late December 2009 I was introduced to Thrifty Decor Chick and the world of décor blogs and my life (and house!) will never be the same! :)

Christmas 2010


I really didn’t do much different on the tree except adding 3 more strands of lights to replace the non-working prelit sections, moving some of the berries and twirly stuff to stick out of the top (saw on another tree and like it! :), and added some gold ribbon in a bow on the top and wrapped around the tree. 


I really wanted the foot wide mesh stuff I was seeing in trees on at the mall, but does anyone know where to find it??  I can’t find it anywhere!!  So I dug in my ribbon stash and found a 100 yard roll of shimmery sheer gold ribbon I bought on 90% at Michael’s last year (for $1.50 or so?) and wrapped it around the tree.  The bow on the top is actually 3 bows stuck up there together (I have a feeling that is what they do in the stores too! :)

(Found the little ornament at Michael’s on clearance last year and I love them!)


I have to say the drapery make a huge difference!  They are actually my version of mistreatments and I’ll share after Christmas how they came about. 


And the mantel is completely different and I love it!! My  spray painted $10 yard sale mirror, JOY letters, repainted candlesticks, yard sale pinecone topiary, clearance berry topiary along with the new greenery make a huge difference! Most of it is inspired from the wonderful blogs I read (and an occasional drool-filled walk through a Pottery Barn store.)

I love the mantel this year!  It looks like it could belong in a rustic cabin, but yet fits perfect in my house too!


I love Christmas!  Sitting on the couch with my husband, lights turned off, enjoying the glow of Christmas lights and candles….Christmas movie and a cafe mocha!!  Not much better than that!


Want some décor inspiration of your own?  I am linking this up (late!) to Thrifty Décor Chick’s Christmas Tree Party!  There are over 500 trees linked up so far!!


  1. I've seen that mesh stuff at Sam's Club recently. I know they had red and green...probably more colors too. Regardless of whether you add the mesh stuff or not, your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Looks great! Loved seeing the older pics to compare w/too!


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