Friday, February 4, 2011

$25 for FREE!!

Yes, that is right - $25 for FREE! 

Here’s how:

There is a new company starting up called  It is a site like paypal that you can use to pay for online transactions or pay/receive money from individual people. Right now, they are offering EVERYONE who signs up in their early-bird program $25 for FREE in their account!    You can also earn more money for helping provide feedback (since they are still in development) and for referring other people!

I just signed up myself and all I had to enter was an email, username, and password – no PERSONAL INFO or BANK account info.  And the $25 credit is already showing up in my account! 

Now, I can’t do anything with it yet (since they are still in development.)  BUT they plan to open it up soon so you can use it to purchase things online and eventually where you can withdraw or request the money!

I can’t tell you 100% for sure that all of this is going to pan out (I sure hope it will though!)  BUT since I didn’t have to enter any personal info, what is there to lose? (except the $25 I could have had if I would have signed up and it ends up being a great site!)

So, SIGN UP today!! 

I will say that a few years ago, I did something like this with a company called Revolution Money Exchange.  I got my $25 for signing up plus referral money and ended up getting a $80 check a few months later with no hassles or strings attached! 

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