Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday – LOTS of great finds… décor, art, linens, and more!

I had a great week thrifting last week! I got lots of deals! That is the way secondhand shopping happens. Some weeks you hit the jackpot, and some weeks you come home empty-handed! :) By the way, I TRY to pop in Goodwill once a week near where I work and the new Value Village every other week. And if I have time and am out on Saturday, I will go to another Goodwill, Value Village, the flea market, and the parking lot yard sale.

Here’s my finds:

Goodwill trip #1


Wicker/wire basket - $1.51 (I am thinking centerpiece on a table for spring filled with moss covered balls, grasses??)

Goodwill trip #2

I loved this piece of art I found! It is bigger than it looks – 18x18 inches.


Here is the original tag on the back - $49.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond!







I paid $10.91!  More than I wanted but still a much better deal than $49.99.  And it is hang on the wall ready – no spray paint fix needed! :)
and a little wall hanging piece for $1.01.








Value Village trip

They are quickly becoming a great place to find super cheap linens!


I found this set of 4 ivory crocheted napkins for $0.49 each! They are brand new!

And I also found these ivory damask napkins that are BRAND NEW with Charter Club (from Macy’s) tags still on them!  And there were 10 of them!  They were $0.69 each BUT 50% OFF SO ONLY $0.35 EACH!  I know have a great set of napkins when I host a formal dinner. :)

Flea Market 

And to top it all off, I stopped at the Flea Market too! :) I REALLY love the flea market. Yes, it can be a little dirty but the prices are soooo much better than Goodwill!


I got both of these for $1.00 each! At Goodwill they would be AT LEAST $2.52 each!

This is HEAVY!  and it is also chipped so will need a spray paint makeover! :)  As much as I LOVE my ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) spray paint, I have a serious obsession with all things white and chippy right now.  So this will probably go white with a distressed look. 
The “laughter” sign has some nicks too and was actually bought to repurpose as well!  It is completely finished with a bevelved edge and hangar on the back.  I plan to paint it white (with distressed edges of course!) and use it as a base for one of those vinyl Dollar Tree sayings.

It has a price tag on the back from Marshalls – originally $9.99, clearanced for $7.50.  I like $1.00 much better!
So there you go! Lots of finds! Glad it is going to be super warm this weekend because I have lots of spray painting to do!

How about you? What have you found this week? I would love to hear about it!


  1. Great finds!!! We went to GW yesterday and hit the jackpot too! You should've seen Chris's face when I lumbered over to him with my arms FULL of stuff to put in the buggy! :)

  2. I've been meaning to link up, and probably just should've waited til this Thurs, lol! But I got too excited!


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