Friday, February 4, 2011

Swagbucks: Win 3 swagbucks EVERY DAY!

I have told you how much I LOVE swagbucks before (remember the SLR camera I got for Christmas, paying for half of it with FREE Amazon giftcards earned through swagbucks?)  Yes, I LOVE swagbucks!

So here is how I get 3 guaranteed swagbucks EVERY DAY in the first few seconds after I turn on the computer.

1.  Refresh/click on or login on the swagbucks toolbar.  I always get 1 swagbuck just for using the toolbar the first time I login or open a webpage in the morning.  (If you don’t have the toolbar installed you can install it by going here.)


2.  Answer the Daily Poll question.  No matter your answer, you get 1 swagbuck!

image 3.  I saved the easiest for last!  :)  All you have to do is click on “Trusted Surveys'” on the Quick Links bar.  As soon as you do, a message will pop up that you have won 1 swagbuck!


So there you go, you can do all of this in less than a minute and you have 3 swagbucks

Then make sure to do all your searching throughout the day using the toolbar or  I usually win a larger swagbuck in my first 1-3 searches.  Then I will earn a few more throughout the day as I do searches.

Not sure what swagbucks is all about?  Read my Swagbucks 101 series to learn how to get free stuff just for searching the internet!

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  1. I didn't know about the Trusted Surveys swagbuck- thanks! I love Swagbucks!


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