Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers + Mega Sale at Kroger

I love Kroger Mega Sales! And Kroger has one (buy 10 qualifying items, get $5.00 instantly off your order) going on last week and this week.

This was my first trip there last week and I plan to make at least one more trip this week.

Kroger Mega Sale trip #1

There is no limit this time on how many $5.00 rewards you can get in one transaction this time which made it much easier for me to combine everything and not have to do multiple transactions. I bought 70 qualifying items - allowing me to get (7) $5.00 rewards (total of $35.00) off my bill.
The Idohoan potatoes, Carnation Evaporated milk were free after coupon and Mega sale. The chili was $0.12, pancake mix was $0.12 (and for every 2 that I bought I got a catalina for $1.00 off my next trip making it a $0.76 moneymaker), the butter was $0.40, and the juice was $1.49.

Total: 83.89
- $35.00 in Mega Savings
- $43.00 in coupons
I paid $5.89! ($2.01 was tax)
and I got back $3.00 in catalinas making my actual total $2.89 or $0.88 before tax!!

Ok so if you want to take advantage of these great sales, check out the Kroger deals and coupon matchups here, here, here , and here


  1. I was wondering if you left any Carnation for others? That seems like a lot just for one trip. Don't get me wrong, I coupon and love to get deals (especially if they are free) but limit myself so I know others can get the deal too. Wouldn't it have been better to spread the amount out in various trips? (I mean that out of honesty and not meaness, if that makes sense.) THanks!

  2. Becky,
    thanks for asking - I guess I should have explained better. I did leave plenty - my store was well stocked - had at least 5 more flats just like what I bought of 24cans each.

    I am like you too - I try to leave some for others and will spread out my trips if at all possible. As you will see from the Yakisoba meals - I have been getting 5-8 each week instead of just wiping out the store each week.

    Thanks for commenting and reading!


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