Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FREE 15 day trial of Carbonite

What do you use to back up your computer?  I really need to do some research on this or I am going to be really sorry one day if my computer crashes. :(  The frugal side of me just hates paying for stuff like this.

Anyone use Carbonite?

Carbonite has a good trial offer I might have to check out.  You can try out Carbonite online backup for FREE for 5 days. Then get 2 extra months FREE with your purchase (I think one year costs $59, so you could actually get 14.5 months for $59 with this offer.)

Carbonite online backup is the easy, automatic and secure way to safeguard your irreplaceable computer files. These days we all have things on our computers we just can't stand to lose: photos, music, financial documents and more. Carbonite works automatically and continually to make sure your computer files—and memories—are backed up offsite. Try Carbonite at no charge. No credit card required.

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