Monday, September 12, 2011

Interested in working at home?

Interested in making some money from home?  Sign up to become an Avon representative.  I don’t think there is much startup cost involved at all, but you can get all the details by requesting more information.

(Are any of you Avon reps or sold Avon in the past?  I would love to hear your experiences.)

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  1. I just signed up last week. I have been too busy getting a huge garage sale ready but will be diving in later this week. The thing I like about the concept is that most people already know what Avon is and expect that you're selling it. I've been in several MLM's that told me I didn't have to sell. Well, I always wondered how I was going to be people to buy if I didn't have to sell! LOL
    It was only $10 to sign up. If anyone is interested, they are welcome to contact me.
    (FYI, this is your dad's cousin Colleen)


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