Tuesday, September 20, 2011

*Hot deal* - Steak ‘n Shake $10 gift card for $5!!

Here’s a great deal for you! 

Pay just $5.00, for a $10 gift card to Steak ‘n Shake®.

Side note:             

We really maximize our out-to eat budget by using gift cards from swagbucks, Groupons, and other deals like this. (We budget $40 a month for out-to-eat meals and usually eat out about 4 times on that budget (not McDonalds - sit down restaurants! :) 

For example if we bought this deal, we would use a coupon from the paper, if allowed, for $3.99 Frisco melts and another coupon for BOGO milkshakes and our bill would be about $13.  Then we would pay with the $10 gift card (that only cost us $5), meaning we would have paid about $10 TOTAL including tip for dinner out.  It would be hard to prepare hamburgers, fries and milkshakes at home for $8-10 :)

How do you maximize your out-to-eat budget?

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