Thursday, September 8, 2011

Target: lots of unadvertised game deals!

I went to Target tonight to check out the $12 games and see if I could find any travel games.  I didn’t find any travel games :(  But I did find some other game deals using the Hasbro game coupons available here (under toys and games) and here.
But I also found these games at regular price that were ven cheaper than $12, making them an even better deal after coupon!  Most of them were in the preschool game section.
Memory - $7.04
- $3.00 coupon
$4.04 after coupon

Cootie - $6.99
-$3.00 coupon
$3.99 after coupon
Candy land - $8.99
-$3.00 coupon
$5.99 after coupon
Scrabble - $10.99
-$4.00 coupon
$6.99 after coupon
Monopoly - $10.99
-$4.00 coupon
$6.99 after coupon

Chutes and Ladders - $7.04
$4.04 after coupon

Also not pictured was Jenga priced at $10.09 - $4.00 coupon = $6.09 after coupon.
And they had these special edition versions that are shaped like books making them easy to store on a bookshelf. They were priced at $12.99.

So print your coupons and head out and get some Christmas or birthday presents crossed off your list! :)

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