Friday, September 26, 2008

Crazy Coupon Capers

This week Uncle Ben's rice was 10 for $5 at Ingles. I had 5 coupons for $1 off 2, so I got 10 boxes free!

I have discovered my favorite cashier at Walgreens, and I make every effort to go when she is working. She looks forward to seeing me come in so she can see what I'm buying and what coupons I'm using. This week I did 4 transactions, spent $32.50 in Register Rewards, and nothing out of pocket. (I paid for my mom's stuff using my Register Rewards, and she paid me back in cash. Turning my Register Rewards into cash is by far the best use I've found for them yet!) I got back $22 in Register Rewards, and I'll be getting a rebate for $5.50. The Altoids were free since they were on sale 2/$2, but they had $1 peelies on them! My mom told my dad about it and he went in and got him some! That is ultimate success - turning my dad into a couponer!

I didn't participate in double dipping at Walgreens because my Walgreens will no longer accept a Walgreens coupon and a Manufacturer coupon on the same item. Also, with the $5/$20 having to be after all other coupons, I didn't feel like I should spend $15 out of pocket at this point.

What's your story? What great deals did you score with your coupons? Did you participate in double dipping days? Did you do anything crazy (like enticing your dad to use coupons)? Link up or leave a comment and let me know!


  1. okay, so I was wondering if you could break down how you get your deals (especially at Walgreens). I am trying to be more like you :)

  2. I'm just getting started with this whole coupon business. I'm shopping at Walgreens the most. Yesterday and today I got some great deals. My crazy thing was bringing my husband/son along for quicker shopping. I taught my hubby how to read the coupons, told him what to gather, sent him to the register and he brought my RR back to me, all while I was working on the next transaction. It was a great system!


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