Thursday, September 4, 2008

CVS Hidden Deals

I know I'm kind of late in getting these deals to you seeing as how it's the last day of the ad in the test market areas, but I just found out about 2 hidden deals at CVS this week.

1. Purex detergent is ringing up $2.99 and also producing $1 ECB. Pair it with the $.50 coupon from 8/10 S to get detergent for $1.49!

2. Dawn Plus Hand Renewal is ringing up $.99. Use the $1 coupon from 8/31 PG to get it for free!

Of course you can always ask the cashier to check the prices first just to make sure they are ringing up at these prices at your store.

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  1. Or if you're lucky enough to have a price scanner in the store, use that!

    Thanks for the Dawn info -- i didn't realize that the one with the $1 coupon was .99!


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