Thursday, September 18, 2008

Food Lion Moneymaker: Glade Scented Gel Warmers

Glade Scented Gel Warmers are on sale for $1.50 at Food Lion this week. A $2 catalina is also printing for each one that you buy. Buy 2 and use this B1G1 printable coupon or the B1G1 coupon from 9/14 Smartsource. Pay $1.50 for 2 and get 2 $2.00 catalinas!
I'm not sure when the catalina promotion ends, so you'll want to get in on this deal as soon as possible!


  1. It ends Oct. 5th. This deal is also running at Safeway and Kroger chains.

  2. I know what a catalina is but how do they work? Can I go in and buy 2or 3 and get a $2 catalina back on each? Do you have to make each purchase separate? Is there a limit linked to your MVP card? I couldn't find any of this on the FL website (or anything at all about this promotion). Thanks for the great info!!!

  3. April,
    I wasn't able to get the catalina myself because they were out of stock, but from what I've read on various message boards, folks are getting one for each warmer they buy, regardless of whether they're all on one transaction or not. I wouldn't guess there would be a limit seeing as how some folks have gotten close to 30 catalinas so far!


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