Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Try Magic Jack for 30 days for FREE

Have you heard of Magic Jack before? It is a small USB type device that you plug into your computer and use to have phone service. There are no monthly fees - you just pay $19.95 a year for phone service including unlimited long distance, voice mail, call waiting, free directory assistance and more. Well, if you have wanted to try it here's a good deal for you. You can try Magic Jack free for 30 days, make all the free calls you want , 100% Risk FREE - you pay nothing. From what I have read, after the 30 days if you choose to keep it you will pay $39.95 for the first year and then $19.95 every year after that and that's all - no other fees! There is no cancellation or early termination fee. If you return it within the 30 days you pay nothing.
So if you have been thinking about trying Magic Jack, here's the perfect chance to do that! I know it comes highly recommended by PC magazine and Clark Howard ( a local finance talkshow host) highly recommends it.


  1. It's so easy to install the magic jack. Literally, you just plug the usb into your computer and make sure you tell your friends that new number!

  2. Terrible voice quality ! DOn't even think of giving them your info ! They keep overcharging you and customer service is non existant !

  3. This thing works perfect for me. Your slow 768k "broadband" is most likely the culprit for your poor voice quality. Upgrade your internet speed and you'll see an upgrade in call quality.

    My ONLY issue with majicjack is the POOR construction of the actual dongle. The USB connector breaks rather quickly if you move it back and forth to multiple computers.

    YMAX step your device quality up and you'll have yourself an A+ product!


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