Saturday, April 16, 2011

4/16 Coupon savings this week!

I have been taking pictures and documenting my shopping trips for the last 2 weeks. But my Saturdays have been packed full and I haven’t gotten a chance to get the post written and shared.  So I am going to catch you up on the last 3 weeks today. 

I had decided going in to April that I was going to challenge myself spend LESS than my $40 weekly grocery budget. 


Kroger – transaction #1
promotion - Buy 4 GM items, get $5.00 giftcard
Total: $11.46
- $2.90 in coupons
I paid $8.56 but got back $5.00 gift card.


Kroger – transaction #2
Total: $50.84
I also earned $5.00 gift card on this transaction and the cashier let me use it and the previous $5 gift card to pay for this transaction.
Total: 23.16
-$10 in giftcards
I paid $13.16
(The deodorant and toothbrushes were free after coupon.)


Total $71.34
- $36.53 in coupons
I paid $34.81
(The re-usable bags, yogurt, and Yakisoba meals were free after coupon)


I paid $56.53 this week

I saved $77.11 in coupons

Over my $40 weekly budget this week. :(

BUT, I did stock up on about 2 months worth of granola bars for my husband.  We had been out of granola bars for a while and I had been waiting for a stock up sale.  The Fiber One bars were about $0.75 a box and the Quacker bars were right at $1.00 box – much better than the $3 regular price.  Plus cheap sugar, oil, sour cream, cereal that does not go on sale very often.

Will try to spend less than $40 next week to make up for it.  I have almost everything I need for Easter dinner so will just need to pick up stock-up sale items next week.

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