Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: 2 ceramic urns for $2.42!

I have been so busy with cakes, yard work, and spring cleaning that my Goodwill trips have been less frequent.  Although I have been trying to hit yard sales on Saturday when I am out.

I did pop into Value Village last week and found these great urns!  They are heavy ceramic urns that have a really neat aged look!


The larger one was priced $2.02.


The smaller one was priced $1.51.  BUT it had a chip out of it (which I knew I could just make be in the back of wherever I displayed it).  So I found an employee and asked could they adjust the price because of the crack.  (I have never tried this at Goodwill, they would probably say “NO”!  But I figured I would give it a try here.)


She came back out and said, “Do you want it for 40¢?” 

“Ummm.. yes, I will take it! :)”


So I paid $2.42 for both! 

So, it just pays to ask if the price can be adjusted (at least at Value Village!)  Have you ever gotten anything price adjusted at a thrift store because it was defective?

I already knew what I planned to do with them so stay tuned for I did!


  1. Nifty! There are two Value Villages in either direction of us, but one is about 25 minutes and the other is in a bad area. Wish I could take advantage of their deals. :)
    I found a fabulous white platter at GW last week that I'm loving!!

  2. Thanks, Renee!

    You should post about your thrifty finds on your blog ;)


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