Saturday, April 16, 2011

4/9/11 – Coupon savings this week

Here are my shopping trips from the week of April 3-9.


Publix (4/4)
Total: 39.45
- $25.30 in coupons
I paid $5.62

(Cat treats and yakisoba meals were free.)


Publix (4/7)
Total: $98.47
- $84.00 in coupons
I paid $16.35 ($4.37 of that was tax.)

(gum, Yakisoba meals, cat treats, Scotties tissue, Frozen veggie steamers, Gillette body wash and deodorant was free after coupon.  Macaroni and cheese was $.01 item.)


I paid $12.85


Total spent this week: $34.82!! 

Total saved: $109.30!

Yay for coming in below my $40 weekly grocery budget – doing good so far!

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