Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Décor on a Dime: Decorating the outside (part 1) – Before…

Since we are in the midst of outdoor season, I want to share with you some ways we have spruced up our outdoors starting with a huge project – a new deck! 

At the beginning of last summer, this is what our deck looked like – beautiful, right??!


Needless to say, we weren’t enjoying spending any time out there!

It pretty much looked like this when we moved in 6 years ago and we knew that one day we would need to tear it down and rebuild another one.

The boards were deteriorated, warped, and beyond repair.  Plus when we had our home inspected when we bought it, the inspector said it was not anchored to the house properly – (aghh!)


We were determined to pay cash, so we saved up money and finally were ready to start building a new deck in late July of last year.

I am going to keep in you in suspense for the big AFTER picture! :) I have a few projects that we have been working on that I will share and how I have used some recent yardsale/flea market finds to decorate!  And the big reveal post will be in a few weeks! :)

Come back later this week as I share my favorite décor so far on the deck!  Best part, it was basically FREE since I had everything already. 
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  1. I know exactly how you feel. It is usually isn't until summer time when I realize all the outside projects that need to be taken care of. I commend you on tackling this huge one! Mind is replacing the cement around my pool.


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