Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: 8 great finds for $10.50

It was Saturday, the day before we were to leave for vacation.  And I had a wedding cake (that I had finished the night before) sitting on my counter that needed to be delivered at noon.  BUT, it was Saturday which means YARD SALE DAY! :)  And I missed going to yard sales the previous Saturday because I had to work, I would be out of town the next Saturday, and the Saturday after that I would be busy delivering another wedding and groom’s cake so I would basically miss a MONTH of yardsales! :(

So what is a thrifty, yardsale-loving girl like me to do?

Head out to my favorite parking lot yard sale promising to just take a quick look, of course!

It seems the days you “almost don’t stop” is the days you come away with the greatest treasures! 

Here is what I found:

You can’t really tell in this picture but this a large frame (like 16x20 or more!)  And it only cost 50¢!!   I was just interested in the shape and frame.  The frame will probably go white and the center transformed into a chalkboard. :)


There is one seller that I always stop at - she sells everything in her space for 25¢!  So everything below cost me $1.00 (25¢ each!)

The mini lampshade is the perfect fit for a little Goodwill lamp I bought a while back.  The glass frame is a a lead crystal frame in perfect condition – could not believe this was only 25¢!  The white picket fence stack actually makes a small planter type box and just needs to be nailed or glued back together.  And I liked the details of the frame although it will soon be spray painted white!

DSC_0345I loved this white, chippy wall hanging thingy! ;)  It opens up almost like a birdcage.  I would like to use it outside on the my front porch, but we will see where it ends up.

She was asking $8.00, but took $4.00 for it!  .


I had also been eyeing some door pocket hangers at Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but couldn’t get past the price tag of $12-20.  So I snatched this one up at $2.00!  Now I just need to figure out how to make a pretty arrangement for my door – maybe an end of summer/pre-fall arrangement?


And last of all, I knew when I saw this large ceramic leaf it was PartyLite.  I have a set of 3 small leaves just like this from PartyLite and this large leaf matches perfectly!  She was asking $5, but took $3.  (It would have cost $29-$39 new.)  I am thinking a large pillar candle surrounded with a candle ring of leaves/berries on it for fall . I love fall!


My vacation and wedding cake Saturday is done, so this Saturday I am free to go yard sale and flea market shopping again – yay!  Will you join me and shop some yard sales in your area?  You never know what you will find! :)

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  1. Wow, I love your thrifty finds, especially the white picket fence planter and your plans for the round frame, that will make a great chalkboard! :)


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