Friday, June 10, 2011

Don’t get left out! “Like” me on facebook

Have you made the switch yet?  From my old facebook page to the new facebook like page?
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If not, you are missing out!  I gave away a month’s worth of coupon inserts to 3 winners on Wednesday, and will giveaway another set today, and another 2 tomorrow if we reach 1000 fans!
I told you last week I was switching from a “friend page” to a “like page.”  And many of you have come and joined me!  Thank you!
Starting next week, I will be exclusively using my new facebook page to share all of the deals, tips, posts, so make sure you have “liked” the new page.  (Of course you can always read the deals online here or receive updates by email or twitter.)
So share the new page with your friends and then hang out and wait for the giveaway! :)
And thanks again for reading Centsible Savings!

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