Friday, June 3, 2011

I want to hear how YOU save!

If you have been following along with the “Extreme or Centsible Couponing series”, you know that I can only share from the perspective of a WAH (work-at-home)/work-out-of-the-home wife, no kids, stores that double, and a large supply of coupons.  But not very many people’s lives fit those scenarios!

So I want to hear how YOU save!! 
  • How do you save with a baby, on kids clothes/shoes, gifts, doctors, hair cuts…? 
  • As a one-income family…? 
  • Do you coupon, garden, barter, bake from scratch…? 
  • What about vehicles, car repairs, fuel, home maintenance, vacations…?  
  • and the list could go on and on! 
Many of us would love to hear how other people save money and how we could save more.  So share your ideas with us!

Here’s some guidelines and ideas:

-Share how you save in all areas or in one specific area of life. It could be groceries, kids clothing, vacations, car repair, home repair, fuel for your car, ANYTHING!

- Write a short post/explanation that I can share here on Centsible Savings.  Email it to me at  Include a short bio, your family information, etc.  If you have a blog, feel free to include a link to your site.

-I can’t guarantee (depending on the number that I get) that I will be able to post every submission, but I will read and consider each one!

Looking forward to reading your ideas and then sharing them with my readers.
Thank you!

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