Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lowe’s: cheap Home Décor alert

In their ad starting tomorrow, Lowe’s will have these lanterns marked down to $4.00!  This is a great price (not sure if you could find one at a yardsale cheaper right now as they are popular).   These are great home décor items and even work outside too!


I was there yesterday (didn’t realize the ad didn’t start until today!), and the cashier was nice enough to give it to me at that price even though the ad didn’t start until today.  Thanks, Lowe’s! :)  I got the silver one but actually plan to probably paint it white.  I have a set of black ones but I have wanted a white one (but didn’t want to paint my set!)


Also, if you are wanting an area rug, here’s another reason to run to Lowe’s right now!  I read on 320 Sycamore that Lowe’s had rugs on clearance and hurried to check out store.  Sure enough they had them!  They are 5x7 foot rugs in these colors -

Jute rugs on sale at Lowe's

photo borrowed from Living with Lindsay

marked down from $68.00 to $17.00!  (75% off)

(For my local readers, the Conyers Lowes only had the zebra print and the floral print, not the green quatrefoil print. And they had at least 2 of the zebra and 3 of the floral left.  I found them in the flooring department with all the other rugs and they were tagged as being $17.)

I am not sure where mine will reside yet.  I was actually hoping it would say it was an outdoor rug and I could use it on my deck, but think it needs to be indoors. :(

I have it in my living room right now. 

(Do you put an area rug on top of carpet???  HGTV does all the time ;)  They say you need a rug to anchor your furniture or it looks like it is floating away. My husband just laughed when I told him that :)

It also would match my kitchen or dining room and I have tile in my kitchen, so I will trying it out in different places for the next few days! :)


Let me know if you take advantage of either one of these deals at Lowe’s this week! 


  1. Oh my those are great deals! I am very tempted!!! Been wanting a rug to anchor my furniture, ha ha! And those lanterns would help beautify my deck too! Maybe I can convince the hubs. :)

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