Monday, July 11, 2011

$0.75/1 Breyer’s and more printable coupons

couponsHere’s the new printable coupons loaded over at


  1. We've run into a situation we could use a little help on . . . At Kroger, they now only accept one coupon and opt for the ecoupon, even when you have a greater value coupon, anyone else run into this situation and what have you done to resolve it?

    It's concerning because our coupons are usually a better value than the Kroger ecoupon.



  2. yes, Kroger is now only allowing you to use 1 coupon - either e-coupon or paper coupon. and since there is no way once you have the e-coupon loaded to your card to prevent it from coming off if you buy the product, they will always use the e-coupon vs. the paper coupon. I have actually stopped loading e-coupons (except Saving Star coupons that don't apply to this) since like you said, paper coupons are better. unless you know there is not a paper coupon, I would be leary of loading paper coupons.

    hope that helps, Michael!

  3. thanks, that's about what I was thinking as well.


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