Friday, July 1, 2011

Décor on a Dime: Decorating the outside – Before/After Deck reveal!

So just a reminder of the before


And here is the AFTER!


So much prettier!!  I actually want to spend time out here now.  It is quite hot right now, but during the spring, in the evenings, and into fall we will enjoy many fun times out here. 

(You can read all about the metal star here.)


We stained the deck just a few weeks ago and it really changed the look of it.


I am loving all the space! :)  This deck is close to twice the size of our old one.

DSC_1035I am going to just leave you with before and after pictures today (as those are my favorite part!)  I will be back with all the details (stain color, where we got the furniture, my super clearance flower pots, the lights that saved me $100, and much more!) in a post next week.

DSC_1039You can read all about how I created the vintage window/planter box here.   


Thanks for visiting our new deck! :)

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