Friday, January 2, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers

I had a pleasant surprise at CVS this week. I was walking down the shampoo aisle, and I noticed some Pantene on clearance for $1.25. I remembered that we had gotten $3/2 coupons in the 12/28 P&G insert, so I ran out to the car and grabbed them. (Confession time: I'm too shy to walk around the stores with my big ol' coupon binder, so I always leave it in the car. I took it in to Harris Teeter the other day for the first time. They were having triple coupons, and I knew everybody else in there would be walking around with a binder too, so I decided to lug mine in.)

Anyway, I bought the shampoo just because it would be free with overage. But there was $2 ECBs when you bought 2 Pantene this week as well. I didn't expect them to print since they usually don't print on clearance items, but they did! Yay!

I also found some Infusium 23 on clearance for $1.87, and I used a $3/1 coupon and got some overage on that too!

How did you do this week? Have you gotten back into the swing of things after Christmas and New Years? Link in or leave a comment and share about the great deals you got with your coupons or any interesting experiences you had!

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  1. How funny! I found the same CVS Pantene deal on Saturday and couldn't believe it when I still got the $2 ECS back! But my cashier almost didn't let me use the coupon since it BEEPED when she tried to enter it. I told her to manually adjust it down (like they do at other CVS's) to the $2.50 clearance price, which she did after she asked another cashier's approval on the issue. Did the cash register BEEP on you too? How did your cashier handle it? THANKS for your blog - love it!! and Happy New Year!


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