Friday, January 23, 2009

Printable Coupons 101

Here you will find the answers to questions you may have had regarding printable coupons.

Where are the places to find printable coupons? and are the 2 main sites that offer printable coupons. If you find a good coupon at that you want more of, you can usually print more at You can print more of the coupons from right here at Centsible Savings by using the "quick print" coupons on the sidebar.

In addition to the and sites, you can often find coupons on specific manufacturers' websites.

If you have a specific coupon that you are looking for, you can usually just do a web search for "such and such printable coupon". If you don't see one within the first few results, there probably isn't one and you shouldn't spend a lot of time looking.

How can I print more than one coupon?
Usually all you need to do is click the back button or hit backspace on your keyboard. You will then need to refresh the page. Another coupon should print as soon as the page reloads. You can generally print two coupons per computer.

Why won't the coupon print?
The first time you print coupons you will need to install the coupon printer. You will most likely need to restart your computer after that. Sometimes there have been updates made to the coupon printer. In that case you will need to reinstall the coupon printer. Sometimes the coupon printer will work in one web browser, but not another. I use both Internet Explorer and Firefox for my web browsing. If the coupon will not print in one browser, I will open it up in the other browser, and most of the time it will work.

Is there anything I can do if the coupon absolutely will not print?
Many of the coupons have a help button in the lower right hand of the page. Once you click on that, you will find an option to have the coupon mailed to you.


  1. Why does it sometimes say that "you have already reached the max # of times you are allowed to print" when you have never printed it before?

  2. diane,
    Manufacturers usually have a certain number of coupons available to print for each campaign. Once that number has been reached, no one else will be able to print any coupons. When that is the case, the message often reads that you have printed the max # of times allowed.

  3. I have always wondered how often SmartSource and are 'updating' or 'rotating' their coupons. Is it monthly, weekly?

  4. Michelle,
    Generally they add new ones every month. Sometimes a coupon is discontinued before the month is out and they may add new ones here and there during the middle of the month, but they generally make a larger rotation every month.


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