Thursday, January 29, 2009

CVS: Gillette Razor Limit and Almay Moneymaker

Although the CVS ad for this week says that the limit on the Gillette razors is 1, I was able to purchase 5 before my limit was reached. The ad states that these are not supposed to be available until Friday afternoon, but my store already had them in stock. They were not on the razor aisle; they were in a special display.

Also, although I couldn't find any at my store, it is being reported that the $.99 Almay facial cleansing bars are working for the "Buy $10, get $5 ECBs" Almay deal. Buy 11 cleansing bars, and use 11 $1 coupons from the 10/12, 12/14, and 1/11 Smartsource inserts. Pay nothing out of pocket and get back $5 ECBs!

This is what I got last night:

5 razors
2 Gillette shampoos

Total after coupons: $25.93
ECBs used: $26.00 (adjusted down)
Total ECBs earned $26.00
I was happy they already had the razors because I really needed to roll some ECBs before they expired. I was able to roll $26.00 worth without forfeiting any, which is a big plus.


  1. Where are people finding the almay facial cleansing soaps in the store? I didn't see them with the other Almay cosmetics, but I also didn't see them with the other facial cleanser, or the regular bar soaps.

  2. From what I understand, they are finding them in the Almay cosmetics section. It seems like not all stores carry them.

  3. I ran into the CVS police on my trip. The clerk called a manager when I purchased my second razor. She said that I could only purchase one.

    I'm thinking "Lady Puleeeze!". I told her that it is one EB deal per customer but that I could still purchase more than one. Her manager agreed and I got my two and $8 EB's.

  4. How did you get the Embrace "girly" razor? (what coupons?--gillette Q work for both?)


  5. I had coupons for the Embrace from Vocalpoint. I think they expired Jan. 31st, though.


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