Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Great Printable Coupons

It's a new month, which means has released some new printable coupons. Some of my favorites include:

$.75 off Multigrain cheerios
$.55 off Clabber girl
$1 off 2 General Mills cereals
$.60 off Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers - (combine with a sale and double coupons, and you should be able to get these free!)
$1.10 off 2 Old El Paso products - (Wait until taco seasoning goes on sale and get it free!)
$1 off Ocean Spray

You can print any of these from the quick print coupons on the left sidebar. Click "see all coupons" to see the entire list.

And while you're printing coupons, be sure to get your $3 off Ben and Jerry's ice cream coupon. Enter your email and they will email you a link to print the coupon. (You can print 2 - just hit backspace and refresh the page). Just FYI - for some reason these are not coming to Yahoo email addresses. When I used my gmail address the coupon came immediately. You should be able to get some free ice cream or at least very inexpensive. I think the regular price at Wal-Mart is $3.28.

And here's a coupon for $1 off Totinos pizza rolls. The smallest packs go on sale often 10 for $10, so you can get them for free!

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  1. DH got the ice cream today for 3.28at Walmart here in Iowa. Great deal when you get two fancy ice creams for 56 cents!!



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