Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Décor on a Dime: Picture ledges

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When I first started browsing through “thrifty decor land” these picture ledges were everywhere.

The Lettered Cottage had some beautiful ledges that she installed over bead board.  (Stay tuned,  because I am working on a similar project and hope to share with you on next week!)

picture lege 2 









Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick had some beautiful picture ledges she used in her playroom/bonus room.

 picture ledge2

And my favorite inspiration catalog, Pottery Barn, had them too!

PB ledge 2







PB ledge







You could buy these ledges online from Pottery Barn (ranging from $35 - $55 each!!)

Or you could have “Thrifty Décor” like me and get then from IKEA!   

ribba picture ledge 







Ribba picture ledge from Ikea (ranging from $9.99-19.99 each)  Much more in my budget!

I had always wanted a way to display wedding pictures and family photos but never could create a “picture wall” that I liked.  But I loved the idea of these ledges!  You can change frames/pictures out easily, decorate them with seasonal decor if you wanted, and much more!

So here’s mine!  (Sorry for bad lighting, these are in my entryway hallway and the lighting is not that great.)   

This is “our” side…  (still need to trade out some of the wedding photos and add some of our most recent beach pictures in here)


This is our extended family side!


The little sculpture came from the Dollar Tree.


The frames are from a variety of places.  I got a couple from IKEA, some were on clearance at Kohl’s, some I already had, and some I got from Goodwill and painted or stained darker to match my color scheme.

100_4208 I really do love my photos and frames in these ledges!


So, now I am just trying to decide if I should leave the bottom part of the wall like this?


Or if I should do some wainscoting (that will go right along with the molding I have in my dining room, more on that later!) 

Love this idea from Decor Chick!

What do you think? 

(I think I am doing it!  As soon as I finish the other 10 projects I have going right now!)


  1. Oh I love your ledges!! They look awesome!! I think the wainscoting would look beautiful too!! :)

  2. Thanks! I like your ledges and arrangement on your wall too! Think the wainscoting is officially on my to do list! But my husband says must finish all the rest of my projects first. LOL! :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog as I was doing a google search for photo walls. Love the ledges that you used--I've been searching for just the right thing for a blank wall I have. Can you share what you used for heights of the ledges on the wall? They look to be the perfect heights and spacing.


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