Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you ever wonder “Is anyone listening?” + contest

I have to confess, I feel like that sometimes.  Actually, I sometimes wonder, “Is anyone reading any of this?” 

I write, and write; share deal after deal; try to provide you some thrifty decor inspiration in my Décor on a Dime projects; show you what I got at the store and how much I paid for it; and show what we are eating for dinner, and more.  But very few people share back with me?  I am doing this for YOU (my readers!) and would love to “hear” what you deals YOU are finding, what YOU are eating for dinner, and so on.

I know there are lots of you that are reading my posts (I can tell in my page views and in how many people subscribe by email and reader.)  But I really would LOVE to hear from you! I get most of the deals that I post from either other bloggers, friends and family that coupon and tell me about them, or by finding them myself.  So I know that YOU are finding great deals and I would LOVE it if you would share them with me.  (If I can, I will even post it thanking you for the heads up on the deal!)

So I am asking for a little comment love!  For a 2-way conversation! :)  I don’t want to be the only one “talking”, that is very boring and lonely! 

If you read about a deal here and find it at the store yourself – come back and let us know about it!  If I post a list of printable coupons and you know where you can use one to get a great deal, leave a comment sharing it with all of us!  :)

And to further inspire you to comment things you read here, I will be randomly awarding the “Commenter of the Week” award here at Centsible Savings!  And that person might even win something! (Coupon inserts, coupons of their choice, swagbuck gift cards, and anything else I can come up with!)

I can’t wait to start reading your comments! :)

Thank you for reading Centsible Savings!

(Comments on giveaway posts will not count towards “Commenter of the Week award.”)


  1. I'm here and reading!!! : ) Keep the deals coming my friend!!

  2. No worries, we're out here!!

    My most recent awesome deal was the Amazon.com diaper deal going on right now with Subscribe and Save. 30% off using Subscribe and Save, 20% off coupon from Parents magazine, free shipping, a coupon on the Amazon site for Pampers, and some Swagbucks gift cards = one box of diapers for $0.94!!!

  3. I am listening too, well actually reading.lol.. You have taught me a lot and I thank you. Oh and I am all over the diaper deal also...:)


  4. I check in on what you're doing! ;)

  5. Aww, thanks for all that you do for us (the readers)! I really appreciate the tips/coupons/deals and all that neat ideas you write.

    Just remember, a lot of people are reading about it...we might just be a little too shy to say something. Ha! But I honestly do appreciate all the hard work you put into your blog!

  6. I'm reading - and I appreciate all the effort you make so that our families can save $$!

  7. Thanks for all of your posts. I know it must take a long time and I appreciate it.



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