Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What’s for dinner: Potatoes and chicken on the grill!

We just recently had our first Food Lion open in our area and they had some great Grand Opening specials!  

One was whole small fryer chickens for $0.39 a pound meaning I got whole chickens for $2.05 to $2.20 each! 

My favorite way to cook these chickens is on the grill.  (Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the whole process, but I will talk you through it.)  You need to clean the chicken (take the giblets, etc out of the inside).  I leave the skin on to provide a barrier on the grill.  Then I take a kitchen scissors and cut along the spine on both sides, removing it, to open the chicken up so it will lay flat.

(photo courtesy of Grilling Companion.com)

Then I use a dry marinade packet (that I got for FREE, of course!) and rub all over the chicken.  I grill the chicken rib/bone side down for a majority of the time.  Then flip and finish grilling until juices run clear.

Now we also had grilled red potatoes!  These are some of the best potatoes I have ever had – they literally melt in your mouth!  I got the recipe from my friend Christa’s blog – Grab Ur Fork.  You can read the full recipe here.  Basically you clean and cut red potatoes into thick slices and boil until they are almost done.  Then put them on the grill, brush with melted butter, and sprinkle with seasoning.  I like to use a ranch dressing mix package (that I get for Aldi for $0.69!) and salt and pepper.  Grill for a few minutes, then flip, brush with butter, sprinkle with seasoning and grill for a few more minutes.


So here is our dinner!  We had fresh mango, grilled chicken, grilled red potatoes, and macaroni and cheese (made with FREE pasta and super cheap cheese from the Kroger mega sale!)  Mmmmmm, good!


What are you having for dinner tonight?


  1. ~This looks scrumptious. I had an even better- even simpler- even healthier dinner for my family. Its called pick-up- the phone- dial PAPA-JOHNS and order a $5 medium 1 topping. :0) YIKES................. great job. Looks delicious! -Your Fan - ME

  2. I never knew you could put a whole chicken on the grill - but now I do! Thanks for the tip!


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