Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you wonder where I get my Décor on a Dime ideas?

I get them from magazine photos, things I see in the store, things I love, but mostly from the wealth of wonderful Thrifty Decor Blogs out there!

I can’t keep quiet any longer (and I can’t personally do all of these projects to share with you) so I am going to share some of my favorite projects that I find as I read through my google reader.

Today is a few furniture Before and Afters:

Beautiful glazed coffe table at Cowboy Phraseology!



Love this white and stained wood finish from Between blue and yellow



And another white/stained wood finish on a dresser (that she got from FREE!) from Twice lovely!



Absolutely LOVE IT!  I think this has become my new favorite of finishes out there.  I had already planned to refinish my guest room furniture (that I have had since I was growing up!) and I think this will the finish I will use on it.  Now just to find time to tackle that huge project! :)

What about you?  Any great ideas you have seen that you can share with me?  Leave them in a comment.


  1. Love the picture!!

    I want to start,changing the color on some of my furniture at home. But I have no idea what type of paint do i get, and where to get them. please help. I guess regular wall paint in not good on furniture right?

  2. I love that look of the furniture. I wish I had something to try that on and also a garage to do it in. The downside of living in an apartment. Hmm maybe I will keep my eyes open for an old piece to fix up for my boys, white color would go well with Red and blue themed room.
    I love what you share on your blog, you do a great job!

  3. I have not had a chance to transform my own piece of furniture yet so here are some tips from the nester on how she paints her furniture -

    I have some furniture painting on my to-do list so hopefully in the next month of so I can share one with you!

    Allison, check yardsales, freecycle, goodwill, or craigslist. I plan to start on a "beginner" piece too. :)


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