Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking for some great fall wreath ideas?

I was browsing Martha Stewart’s website and came across these LOVELY Harvest craft ideas (that can be re-created for super cheap too!)

Feather wreath made with painted turkey feathers and magnolia leaves.  To do it cheap: use green wreath form, leaves, and feathers (I think I saw some there last week?)from the dollar store!

Acorn mirror or wreath – not sure if you can find a flat wreath form at the dollar store but a cheap frame from Goodwill might do the trick.  Then have your kids collect lots of FREE acorns from the yard. :)

Wreath made of dried cornhusks!  Start saving your corn husks off that super cheap corn right now you are having for dinner.  Then you can re-create this project with a wreath form from Dollar Tree and your own recycled corn husks! :)

Or you can use raffia ribbon like the Nester did to create her version (for less than $6 bucks.)

I am really starting to get in the “fall decorating mood” with the temperatures down in the 70’s tonight (woo-hoo!) and as I am seeing these projects pop up everywhere.  Think it is too early to start decorating for fall? :)

When do you change things out for fall?

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  1. I am not much of a decorator, however your post actually makes me feel like I could do some of these projects. Thank you for sharing your ideas, they are great and completely doable!


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