Friday, September 10, 2010

9/12 Sunday coupon preview

There should be 1 Smart Source (SS) insert, 1 General Mills (GM) insert, and 2 Redplum (RP) inserts in this Sunday’s paper.


  1. Ok -so how do you check about the inserts? I posted about the preview and it was showing only one insert RP for yesterday.
    Well it was actually one RP AND two SS and one GM. Arghhh! This is different from what you posted even. So did your area get two RP instead of the two SS? Just a confused blogger here...and these days, it does NOT take much to confuse this "baby-brain" momma. lol!

  2. I checked and the sunday preview site. Coupontom was saying 2 RP but no GM. It confuses me too that the sites say different things. And then makes me feel stupid cause people will comment and say they didn't get it and I have to apologize. Oh well - don't know what to do cause it seems whatever preview site I quote is wrong. :)

    Taylortownpreview still has this up for 9/12:

    9/12- Smart Source & 2 Red Plum
    9/19- Smart Source & Red Plum
    9/26- Smart Source & Red Plum

    So crazy!


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