Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FREE Trio race car set (even free shipping!)

Here’s a great deal for you!

Sign up to get a FREE TRIO race car set from Fisher Price!  It even ships for free and is valued at $9!

(Beware: because of the high volume of requests for this offer the site is running extremely slow!  Also I kept getting “please try again, high volume” messages.  Just keep refreshing and it should go through eventually.)

I love freebies that I can use for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or stocking stuffers!

Do you ever use samples or freebies for gifts?

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  1. Oh yes! I acutally "adopted" a college student from church and got a bagful of stuff to send with her to college. Mostly things I've gotten free or for next to nothing from my shopping trips to CVS, Kroger and Publix. I plan to send her care packages throughout the year as well, and have a list of her favorites so I can look out for more great deals.


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