Friday, September 10, 2010

Décor on a Dime: Update to Dollar Store Hurricanes

I just posted how I made these Dollar Store Hurricanes a few days ago but I wanted to share how I updated them today!

You make them by gluing a fluted vase and glass candlestick (that can be found at Dollar Tree…

hurricanes 2 

add some candles and filler of your choice and you get this!


But then I saw that Melissa at 320 Sycamore found candle inserts at the Dollar Tree…

hurricanes3 and created this!  I liked her version even more!

hurricanes 4

So I FINALLY found the tall skinny glass candles today at Dollar Tree!  (They are labeled as prayer candles.)  I glued them with hot glue in the middle of the inside hurricane to keep them from moving around.

Here is my updated version filled this time with fall berries! :)


So now each hurricane costs $3.00 (I hadn’t factored in the price of the candle before, because I already had the candles.  But if you had to buy tall pillar candles, you would probably spend more than $1.00 on each candle.)

100_4394 Here is a small preview of my fall mantel! :)  I couldn’t resist the urge to start fall decorating any more after seeing these hurricanes all decked out for fall. :)


I would love to see pictures or hear if you are making Dollar Store Hurricanes!    


  1. Ooh i love this candle insert. It makes adding the filler so much more manageable I think? love it.

  2. Love it, Christina. Yes, I am planning on making them. Have not been able to find the "prayer candle" inserts as of yet. I'll link back to you when I do the craft this week. :)

  3. Yes, the candle insert does make it easier to add filler. And it is taller and more narrow than a pillar candle so I think it looks better.

    Yay, Heather! Send me a picture when you do - I want to start posting reader pictures of projects they do! :)

  4. I made these earlier .. but I LOVE the berries inside vs. the leaves I used .... so switching to berries and I just so happened to purchase a berry garland today before reading this - sweet! :-)

  5. Love the berries in it!! I had originally done leave .. but am loving the berries instead! :-) AND I just happened to buy some berries yesterday! :-)


  6. Simply Pretty!! I have to do something like that creative!

  7. I like yours better, when the candle melts it won't make an icky mess in the hurricane.And when the candle is gone you just take out the middle and insert another.

    Love it!!



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