Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Decor on a Dime: Reader project spotlight

Robin, a reader, emailed me pictures of some projects she created!

She used candle sticks from the dollar store glued to the bottom of a cheese dome from the thrift store to make her versions of a cloche.


And I love her version of the hurricanes!  She used 2 candle bases ( I have seen these in gold at Dollar Tree) and glued them bottom to bottom to create a raised base.  Filled with black rocks (from the Dollar store) and a red candle – these are gorgeous! :)


Thanks Robin for sharing your pictures with us!


Have you created your own project from an idea you saw featured here on my Décor on a Dime posts?  Or maybe you have created your own project using things from the Dollar store or thrift store?  Or maybe you found a steal of deal at a yardsale?

I would love to see your pictures and might feature them in a future “Décor on a Dime: Reader project spotlight” post! 

Email your pictures and explanation to

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