Saturday, May 24, 2008

CVS Trip

I really needed some...well...toilet paper. Really bad. We were on our last roll. So I stopped by CVS while I was out today to work some into a deal. Well, I got so excited that the Colgate toothbrushes were actually in stock that I forgot to get toilet paper! And, to be even dumber, I bought all 5 toothbrushes in one transaction, which means $19.95 in ECB's to try and spend all at once. What a genius! Thankfully, I had to stop by the church later on, and there is a CVS really close, so I got another chance at getting the toilet paper. Baby boy was really tired, though, and I was ready to get home too, so I was praying that I would be able to find the Adidas deodorant in stock so that I wouldn't have to work out anything complicated. Praise the Lord, they had some, so I got:

2 Adidas deodorant @ $4.99 ea.
1 Toilet Paper @ $3.99
2 Sobe waters @ $1.00 ea.

Total before coupons = $15.97

Used $3/$15
2 Free Adidas coupons from All You magazine
1 BOGO Sobe coupon

Total after coupons = $1.99 plus tax

Received back $10.98 in ECB's

I didn't get a picture because when I got home DH told me to go take a nap, and when I woke up everything was put away! I'm not complaining!

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