Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Lion Trip

I got my $.99 hamburger today. Lots of it. We won't be buying meat for a while now. Once our garden comes in we won't have to buy produce either, so we can save on some gas money by not having to go grocery shopping every week.

While I was there I decided to grab some other deals.

FL Hamburger buns were $1.29; used $.50 FL printable; total = $.69

FL cheese was $1.89; used $.50 FL printable; total = $1.39

Flushable wipes were $1.50; used $1.50 FL printable; total = FREE

Glad Simply Cooking bags were $1.60; used $1.00 FL printable; total = $.60

Kraft Singles were 2/$4; used $1.00 FL printable and $1.00 blinkie on each; total = FREE

Total for all this and 22 pounds of hamburger = $24.60


  1. wow i did not know foodlion had there meat for 99 cents how much longer are they doing it?? you did great!

  2. Their sales run Wed. through Tues., so you've got till Tuesday to get ya some meat!

  3. Just thought of something, though, Christy. Sometimes the ads vary by region. Some people were getting ground chuck for $1.68 a pound. I hope you can get the $.99 price!

  4. hey thinks for writing back see i thought it was 1.68 so i really did not care cause i get ground turkey for 1.29 but i just looked it up online and it is 99 cents a lb so thats awesome I'm gonna go stock up on some tomorrow!! ;)

  5. Great job! I had a good day there too! Check it out:


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