Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Good Came From a Dumb Mistake

Today while I was at Ingles I was going to pick up some of the ground chuck that they had for $1.78 lb. I walked straight to the sale sign and picked up several packages of meat that were directly under it. When I checked out I was thinking that my total was awfully high, but didn't bother to double check things because I was trying to hurry home so baby boy could fall asleep in his bed instead of his carseat. After I got home I checked the meat and realized I had bought the wrong thing, and I had paid $2.48 a pound for ground beef! $2.48 a pound - that's a lot for me! My husband called the manager and told him what had happened, and the manager graciously agreed to let us return the meat. Later on this evening I was checking the Food Lion ads for next week and found that there is ground beef on sale for $.99 a pound! It's 73% lean whereas ground chuck is 80% lean, but who cares? $.99 a pound is way better than $1.78 a pound, and way, way better than $2.48 a pound! If I had bought the correct thing at Ingles, I would have paid $1.78 a pound for my meat, but since I bought the wrong thing, and was able to return it, I can now pay $.99 a pound instead! God is so gracious to allow good to come out of our human mistakes!

Oh, and for all of you who are wanting a good deal on ground beef? You might want to buy your meat at Food Lion instead of Ingles this week.

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