Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walgreens Trip

I had $20 in Register Rewards that were about to expire, so I made a quick trip to Walgreens today. After coupons and Register Rewards I paid $1.23 for all this, and I will be getting back $9.47 in rebates.
That was nice and all, but I'm really starting to wonder if I want to bother going back to Walgreens. I have only been about 5 times, and all 5 times something has rung up wrong! I usually notice that the total is higher than I thought it should be, but don't check the receipt until I get to my car. By that time I don't feel like going back in to get the problem corrected (I've got a 7 month old to get in and out of the car). Today I got smart and checked the receipt before I left the store! :) I was overcharged by $3.29!
So what I'm wondering is, does this happen to other people besides me? Should I even bother going back? I've got a gift card from my rebates, and I could just keep rolling that every month on the free after rebate stuff, but is it really worth the trouble? What does everyone think?


  1. I shop at Walgreens only because we don't have a CVS nearby. I have found Walgreens very frustrating to shop at, but we have a new manager in our store so it is getting better. Now that I have a great stockpile, I don't go very often unless it is something I need or a great deal. I have never had a problem with prices ringing up wrong though. Do they have a price guarantee?

  2. Oh, I would go back for sure! But, only if it's on the way in another trip. The gas alone with cost you $3 probably.

  3. I've heard numberous people complain about prices ringing up incorrectly at Walgreens. The funny thing is, I've never had the problem at Walgreens but HAVE at CVS. Weird, huh?

    I noticed that the freebies for June at Walgreens look pretty pathetic again. Not much that will have a coupon to get overage. Bummer. I might just skip June.

  4. I wish that I could, but the West Coast doesn't have CVS stores - bummer!

  5. If you are getting stuff for free it is probably still worth the hassle. Just check before you leave and mention it to the store mgr. that it's happened several times and you are tired of it.

  6. I can't imagine having to try to get all the sales and coupons together for deals with a 7 month old. It takes so much of my concentration to really work it. At the same time, I am getting so much for such a good price or free that I wish that I would have known how to do this when mine were little and we were really stretching to make it. I think if I were you I would limit it to things that I really needed and not spend my time on things that are not needs because it is not worth the savings to take away from your life when trying to juggle a toddler/ baby. About going back for wrong ring ups- weigh the cost verses time and maybe even how well your baby is at the time.


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