Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get Money in Your Mailbox

I don't know about you, but I like it when I check the mail and there's a check in there! I actually receive checks in the mail quite frequently, and you can too! There a lots of survey sites out there that will pay you for filling out surveys online. American Consumer Opinion is one of my favorites because they will automatically send you a check as soon as you complete a survey. You don't have to have a minimum balance in your account or remember to request a check. I generally get paid $4 per survey, but have gotten paid as much as $8 per survey. Surveys are great for SAHMs who want to have a little cash to call their own!
Join American Consumer Opinion for free and start earning some cash!

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  1. I too am a survey-a-holic! I post about my loot (survey money) at Homemaker Barbi every time I get a payment! I really like ACOP for the same reason as you - they send the money automatically, no minimum, no request. Danelle :)


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