Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Pottery Barn Style for LESS!

Well, I said it – Christmas!  Yes, I am already thinking Christmas! :)  I usually am very content to wait till the Friday after Thanksgiving to do all things Christmas – decorating, Christmas music, Christmas cards, etc.  But this year finds me anxious to begin it all early and RIGHT NOW! :)  I am about 75% done with Christmas shopping, plan to complete 1/2 of my Christmas cards by the end of this week, and I am considering starting the decorating early. ;)

So if you are itching to get started decorating, here are some ideas from Pottery Barn.

Music Pillar Candle, 4 x 4.5"

Music pillar candles $16 -$29

These could be replicated so easily with a candle, mod podge and some sheet music copied on some cream paper!  Bet I could do it for less than $3.00! :)

Live Magnolia Wreath

Live Magnolia Wreath - $99!!

Remember my magnolia wreath?  Add some green magnolia leaves into the mix and you have this wreath for almost free!

Faux Red Berry Branch

Faux red berry branch - $19

Love these but you can find these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for less than $5.00!

Ceramic Bird

Ceramic white bird -$19

I found birds much like these at Dollar Tree! :)  Last I checked, they still had some. I am loving the white birds tucked among greenery, maybe adding in some red berries – might have to incorporate that in my décor.

Have you seen any Pottery Barn (or other) décor you could recreate for cheaper?

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