Thursday, November 18, 2010

***HOT, HOT Deal!!*** FREE Thanksgiving cards (or any kind of cards!)

This deal is AWESOME!!!  BUT it is only good through tomorrow, November 19 so HURRY!

Tiny Prints is offering FREE Thanksgiving cards and there are 33 options to choose from!  You can order as many as you want, in as many designs as you want.  You can customize each of them (even with pictures if you wish!) and as long as you have them all sent directly to you they are ALL FREE!

Here’s how:

  • Choose any of the 33 designs available
  • Personalize if you wish, add it your “mailbox”, ordering multiples if you want.
  • Select the “pay as you go” option and use code FREETHX at checkout.
  • Your total should be $0.00!

So I was thinking “If they are free, I can give out Thanksgiving cards!”   Then I went on the site and they had some that already said “Thank you” …Thanksgiving Greeting Cards Grateful Ornament

or “I am so thankful for your friendship” …

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards Sweet Squirrels - Front : Chocolate

and I thought “why not order some blank cards that I can use as thank you cards or friendship cards throughout the year?”

I ordered 20 of the wreath cards and 20 of the squirrel cards and left them blank inside and my total was $0.00!! 

I am thankful for FREE cards! :)  How about you?


  1. Thanks for posting this! I ordered 20 blank Thank You cards, like you, then made cards for my baby girl to "give" to Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa (since the Grandpa one had a boy I just made the couch potato one from her to him! all she can do is sit around anyways and she loves to sit on the couch with Grandpa! haha!)

  2. I made photo cards, the one with five images and four spaces for photos on the front and I ordered 100 of them and I am going to send like Christmas cards and I don't know if I will do Christmas ones or not but right now I feel I can afford stamps and I have four kids and have four new fall pics. of each kid and it's so cute! and I put a big pic of them inside and a little black and white one of them on the back where it says "just for you". This is awesome!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. Just tried to order, says coupon code is already expired.

  4. Just tried this and I get:
    Invalid coupon code entered : FREETHX

    Bummer :(
    Wish I hadn't spent so long making the cards as they are super expensive


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