Friday, November 12, 2010

The not-so-pretty Fall Décor House tour

I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at how I decorate my house for fall – if not, you can you still stop by for a visit.

I have had many people comment recently on how clean my house must ALWAYS be, how beautiful it must be decorated, how I must always have my laundry done and folded at all times (ummm..I have to admit that happens about every other week not every week as it should :), how I probably have a 3 course meal prepared (as I am getting home from work no less!) and greet my husband at the door hair and makeup done perfectly, and so on!  I would LOVE for all of that to be true, really I would!  And maybe I should just go on letting you believe that is the case!  :) 

BUT, it is not some most days.  I am normal person just like you.  And I have a LOT on my plate these days (some days it seems like a big ole turkey platter not a plate!)  I work outside the home right now, as well as manage two in-home businesses, both my husband’s family and my family live very close which means lots of time spent with them, and we stay active in our local church.  Plus, all the day-to-day responsibilities of just being a wife and taking care of our house. I would love for my home to be “company clean” at all times, have a perfectly decorated house (there is a little thing called $ + time stopping me there), and have gourmet meals every night –  LIFE is not perfect!

So most days, my beautiful fall vignette…


  ummm… looks a little more like this.


And my beautiful fireplace/mantel…


usually has more than my husband’s magazines laying in front of it.


And my lovely fall lanterns on my coffee table…


Well, sometimes most of the time they get pushed to the side by all the piles of paper/coupons that just magically appear there.


And sometimes more than I want to admit, the couch and living room look like this! :(


I hope I haven’t scared you off!  :)  You know your house looks like this too sometimes! :)

So the next time you see this..

… and think my house must be so much cleaner and better decorated than yours, remember you are only looking at the front door!  (And you don’t see the leaves on the porch and in the lawn that need to be dealt with, the dead mums in the planter that need to be cleaned out, the newspapers on my porch waiting to be sorted, and the peeling paint on the posts:) 

Have a great day! :) 


  1. This really does make me feel better! Though you do so much more with your time than I do! :)

  2. Glad to see you're normal! :) I'm a minimalist, so my home can create the appearance of a well kept, managed home at times. But if people only knew what my house looked like most of the time! I work full time with 3 kids, so keeping everything perfectly in its spot all the time is IMPOSSIBLE. But I still think your home is beautiful!

  3. It's not possible to live in a house and keep it spotless. So it's good you live in your house and don't just think of it as a show place. Whew, glad to see someone else has the "leave it where it's dropped" syndrome sometime. LOL My downfall is keeping that kitchen counter cleaned off. I wish I had built my pantry right next to my entrance door so I could drop everyting I come in with in the pantry until I got around to unpacking, etc. I think I'll start recommending that to people who I see are building a new home. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home, talent and projects, mess and all!! I have to post as anonymous because I can never remember my google sign-in information.


  4. Laughing at the dead mums in the planter! I finally threw out the dead mums by my front door just this weekend- they died about 3 weeks ago! And, I have to say, it doesn't look that bad even when messy- ok maybe except for the dishes! :o)


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