Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coupon Giveaways

There are a number of great coupon giveaways going on right now. Here they are listed in order by deadlines:

Hurry! This one ends today (August 21) at 3 PM EST:

On Our Way is giving away $349 worth of coupons to 4 different winners.

August 23:

My Good Cents is giving away a priority mail envelope full of coupons.

August 25:

Frugal Heart is giving away a coupon binder.

August 27:

Momma's Blog is giving away a coupon management system. (I've listed this one before, so make sure you don't enter again if you already have.)

August 30:

Newlyweds is giving away a $25 CVS giftcard.

Savin' Maven is also giving away a $25 CVS giftcard.

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  1. he he! I love finding things like that! i can't believe people throw it away!!!

    I also gave you an award today! Love your blog...keep up the good work!!!


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