Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coupon Giveaways

Here are a variety of coupon giveaways, along with their deadlines.

August 6 (today!): 3 entrants will win a variety of coupons at Cheapsk8mom.

August 8:
Modern Mommyhood is giving away baby coupons in honor of her one-month bloggy anniversary.

August 9:
Enter the weekly coupon giveaway at Saving for our Family's Dreams.

August 13:
MySpot is giving away 500 coupons and a terry cloth tote.

August 25:
Enter to win $18 in Similac coupons at Shake the Salt. There are also several other giveaways going on there too.

August 27:
Win a copy of Momma's Coupon Management System, as well as 4 weeks worth of coupons at Tales from the Road Less Traveled

September 10:
5 people will win a coupon organizer at Frugal Freelancer.


  1. I have a coupon giveaway, too. :)

    $18 in Similac coupons (coupons exp in December)

    Deadline: August 25th

    I have some other giveaways listed in my sidebar, but this is the only coupon one at the moment. :)


  2. Thanks a bunch for the link! Good luck winning the Coupon Management System. So far I've had nothing but rave reviews.


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