Friday, August 22, 2008

Reader Input Requested

There has been a coupon around for quite a while for $2 off any CVS Skincare product. (Unfortunately, the link to print it is no longer online, but some folks are still finding it in their stores.)

Judy asks:

I have a $2.00 off any CVS brand skin care coupon. EXACTLY what can this be used on? I have read on other blogs that some even use it for CVS cotton swabs(?) I think they bought like the trial size to get their total up to do the $2/$10 and then can use the $2 off skin care too. Can you use more than one on a single transaction? It is my hope than you can give me some kind of a"list" on what it will work on. I will assume body lotions, hand creams,face creams but is there more? How about hand sanitizer or makeup remover or shaving cream?

My answer is :

1. No, you cannot use more than one per transaction. The fine print states that it is one per customer, and I believe it will beep if you try to use more than one.

2. I have personally used it on CVS cotton swabs (both regular and trial size) and single bar soaps. The trial size cotton swabs are $.50, producing $1.50 in overage, and the single bar soaps are $.79, producing $1.21 in overage.

Now, for your part...

2 items is not a very big list for Judy to work with. Let's expand that list! Please leave a comment letting us know the items on which you have successfully used the $2.00 skincare coupon.


  1. I haven't been CVSing for too long, but I did use those coupons on the CVS Make-Up Remover Cleansing Cloth Towelettes.

  2. I've bought a TON of those Make-up Remover Towelettes. I really like the texture and the price (.99 after the coupon). Make sure you get the 15ct.--they're $2.99.

    You could also use them on the items in the picture--the eye makeup remover is one of the August monthly deals, but it's like $7.99 or something. I've used them on cotton balls. I know a lot of people have used them on sunscreen (I guess because you apply it to your face?) but I have only used the Sunscreen coupon for those.

    If you look in the aisle with the CVS brand stuff--cotton balls, swabs, etc. there are lots of little inexpensive things.

  3. I have gotten tons of:
    CVS Lotion.
    Hand Soap.
    Bar Soap.
    Q Tips.
    Make up Q Tips.
    Essence of Beauty products - sponges, scrubbies, nail brushes, lotions, etc.
    After Shave.
    All these were free items.

    However some stuff over $2 can be pretty cheap too.
    Body wash. $2.99.
    Hand Sanitizer.
    Sun screen.

  4. I have bought a ton of CVS hand soap ($1.69) and one or two bars of CVS Beauty Bar Soap (.79) depending on the number of fillers I need. Both have created an overage most of the time. These are products our family often uses. I have heard of people using it on sunscreen.

  5. Go to the travel size section and look for anything with a CVS brand on it.

  6. I bought
    CVS makeup remover pads,
    q-tips, cotton balls, body wash, lots of lotion, hand sanitizer, travek hand sanitizer wipes for .99 i bought 2 boxes of these and got them both for free,
    CVS baby wipes, suncare,

  7. I bought hand sanitizer this week. Buy 2 for $2.79 each. Used 2 $2 skincare coupons (one of them the cashier just pushed through) and get one extra bucks back...not bad.


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