Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Halfway There!

I'm halfway to earning a $10 gas card from mySearchBonus! I had sort of forgotten about it, but when I checked my balance today, I was up to 500 points. MySearchBonus is a great way to earn extra money by doing something you would normally do: searching the web. You get 1 point for every search you do, up to 50 per day, and you get 1 point for every search your referrals do. The points can then be redeemed for gas cards or gift cards. A $10 gas card is only 1000 points, so if you remember to use mySearchBonus every day, it won't take long to get your gas card. Sign up here to start earning!

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  1. Another of these search sites that let you accummulate bucks/points for prizes is Prize Wish. For 60 of their so called swag bucks, you get a $5 Amazon GC. For about 500 swag bucks, you can get a $50 Best Buy GC, and they have other offerings, too. Roughly ever 2 weeks I've been able to get another Amazon GC.

    Prize Wish


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