Friday, August 29, 2008

My Savings This Week

I forgot to take pictures of my CVS deals this week, but I just stopped in to pick up the freebies. I used $14.99 in ECB's, and got back $16.98. I can't remember my total out of pocket, but it was just a few cents.
Now, on to the Walgreens picture. This proves how crazy I have become since I started couponing. What in the world do the cashiers think when I buy Preparation H every time I'm in the store?! I exercised moderation this time and only bought 2 (actually I found out the first time that the registers won't accept more than 2 of the coupons). Anyway, on to the financial details...2 John Frieda hair care at Buy One Get one 50% off = $9.74
2 Preparation H at $3.99 each = $7.98
Total before coupons = $17.72
Used $3/2 John Frieda coupon
Used (2) $3 Preparation H coupons
Used (2) $2 Easysaver coupons for Preparation H
Total after coupons = $4.72

Okay, that's nice. But wait! Look what I got!

Yup. I paid $4.72 and got back $9 in Register Rewards. This is why I buy things I don't need. I really didn't need either of these items, but why shouln't I carry them out of the store when I'm getting paid to do it?

Next up, Food Lion. I thought this was a good enough deal that I actually posted about how you can do it yourself.

Total before coupons and instant savings = $10.28
Used (2) $.50 Nature Valley coupons
Used $.50/2 Betty Crocker coupon
$6 Instant Savings from Food Lion
Total after coupons and instant savings = $2.78

Finally, I grabbed a couple things at Harris Teeter.

Total before coupons = $7.68
Used (2) $.75 Cheerios coupons
Used $.55 Dixie Crystals coupon
Used $.75 Cheese coupon
Total after coupons = $2.07


  1. I have a question. I have been doing CVS, but never have done the WG thing EXCEPT using coupons. Not the rebate thing.

    How did you get the $9 back? Were they RRs? And if so, did they come from getting the JF or the PH Wipes?

    I was thinking about running out tomorrow before the sale ends! =) Thanks!

  2. If you like coupons, you should check out It's a new coupon search engine.

  3. The $9 was RRs for the John Frieda. The sign says you have to buy 3 to get $9 RRs (It's supposed to give $5 for buying 2), but b/c of the way Wags registers ring up stuff that's BOGO 50% off (It rings 2 at full price, then re-rings one subtracting 50%) it thinks you bought 3 when you only bought 2. Even if for some reason it only printed the $5 for buying 2 it would still be a good deal for John Frieda stuff. (Using the PH overage, you'd pay $4.72 and get back $5.)


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